Oil and Gas

I was reluctant to post the below image, but after much contemplation, I decided that I should. One of the main reasons behind my blog was to educate Americans to understand that there is a lot more to the Middle East and The Gulf, in particular than “Oil & War.” As the World is constantly changing around us, it is imperative for us to all understand that there is a shift in the World, as emerging markets are dominating what once was an emerging market. Americans tend to be the largest population that continues to be close-minded and completely uncultured, which has always been an American personality trait that I will never understand nor relate to. Unfortunately, what you see below is what many Americans actually believe, a combination of not being cultured, and a media system that is pessimistic.

I will admit the above photograph, is slightly, slightly true. The Gulf is composed of wealth that is derived from oil and gas. There are many International oil and gas companies, as well as local companies and of course investors that all benefit from the abundance of oil, in the Gulf region. Before oil was discovered Qatar was a pearl fishing village and well since oil was discovered a lot has revolutionized and will continue in this direction.

I had the opportunity to travel out to the desert, where many of the oil lands are and I took a little drive thru oil land. On the image above you will see strange rock formations, these rock formations are a distinct symbol of oil. Oil pipes run continually throughout this part of the desert and I saw many rock formations identical to what you see above. Here we have it the oil that is outrageously expensive in the States…well in the Gulf the oil is within 50 miles of my location, so naturally to fill up my tank it would cost me about 3 dollars. πŸ™‚

The image above and below is the sea that lies between Qatar and Bahrain. Along the sea-line you will find “tar sands.” Tar sands can be mined and processed to extract oil rich bitumen, which is than refined to oil. Tar sands are mined and processed to generate and create oil, so instead of walking along the sand on the coast, we were walking on tar sand, sounds lovely I know. πŸ™‚ Interesting, sure is.

3 thoughts on “Oil and Gas

  1. Wow I love the picture you have there of the rock formations, is there any chance I could use it in a teaching resource if I reference you? I can’t seem to find any royalty free images. Thanks

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